The problem

Platforms and processes for sustainability efforts in developing regions are currently being managed by a set of fragmented entities channeling projects and funding. Although well intentioned, there is practically no connection between investors and initiatives. A consequence of this status quo are foregone opportunities for donors to become investors and for investors to embrace new transparent and efficacious Return on Investment (RoI) models.

We conclude there is an untapped potential value for sustainable impact investing at a micro-level and envision Blockchain as the technological backbone setting a new frontier in impact investing.

Our Solution

We have built a Blockchain layer automating administration and crowdfunding processes such as exchange of ownership, signature of contracts and channels of funding which allow for more transparency and efficacy. Through this platform we will allow for investments into sustainability projects aimed at generating multiple returns on investment options. These investments will complement traditional forms of funding. The platform is also collaborative in nature, thus allowing the sharing of ideas for adaptation and engagement across all age groups and partners. We will be applying our ROIE methodology at a micro-level on specific leading regions which will allow building a highly scalable model to be replicated in other regions and, ultimately, embracing initiatives also at a macro-level.